The MRINFO project

The aim of this project is to get information on the Internet structure through the mrinfo tool.
This tool uses IGMP queries (see the latest dvmrp draft,  T. Pusateri,  draft-ietf-idmr-dvmrp-v3). to get information on interfaces and neighbors of a router running an IPv4 multicast routing protocol, usually PIM.
By recursively calling mrinfo on neighbors of already known routers, one can map a subset of the mbone.
Although this is only a small subset of the Internet (and in  fact a subset of the mbone due to filtering on some routers) we can get precise informations on the neighborhood of a router (number and status of interfaces, number of neighboring routers through the same interface and so on).
Currently about 10 000 routers can be queried by this method. Since this query is rather lightweight, we developped a script that collects data on the mbone everyday.  this way we can obtain information on the local evolution of routers (frequency of configuration changes for example).

A preliminary paper (published in Annals of Telecommunications) can be found here, with a first analysis.


Data sets from daily collects can be found here(temporarily out of order since november 1st 2008 due to some filtering problem in the access network)

There is a directory YYYY-MM for each month since may 2004, with a sub directory YYYY-MM-DD for each day of the month.
For a given day, the following files are available:

Summary.txt                           A summary of the collect indicating if this collect completed or not (due to some failure), and some global statistics
collect-YYYY-MM-DD.gz      A gzipped text file containing raw output from mrinfo  (around 1MB)
ping_to_nonresponder.gz      A gzipped text file with the result of ping to routers not responding to mrinfo
ping_to_responder.gz             A gzipped text file with the result of ping to routers responding to mrinfo (only since 2005-12-06)

Warning : these files are raw files. For example, some routers may appear twice.


Jean-Jacques Pansiot, LSIIT, Université Lous Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
pansiot at

Last change on May 4th 2006