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Julien MontavontJulien Montavont

Current position: Associate Professor
Organization: ICube / University of Strasbourg
Group: Network Research Group
Address: Building B, Office 272,
Pole API, 300 Boulevard Sebastien Brant,
67412 Illkirch, FRANCE
Phone:+33 368.854.584
Email: montavont [ at ] unistra (dot) fr

Research Interest

I am interested in developing new MAC and routing protocols for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) which raises new constraints due to the limited computational power, memory and energy of devices that compose the network. I am particularly focusing on mobility support in IoT and LPWAN. Formerly, I was working on mobility management over IPv6 networks, from single host mobility to entire network mobility. I had studied all kind of solutions aiming to provide seamless terminal mobility over a wireless environment.

Research area

  • MAC and routing protocols for IoT and LPWAN
  • Mobility management in IoT and LPWAN
  • Multihoming in IoT and LPWAN
  • Mobile IPv6 and its extensions (NEMO BS, etc.)
  • Network experimentations